2015 /  smell and taste encounter

To find the right words to describe what we smell or taste can be complicated. Talking Taste takes the form of a meeting (preferably in pairs for dynamic discussions﴿, where guests are offered a new way of talking about intangibles such as smell and taste, by borrowing vocabulary from the way we describe music, a mood, a space or a color.

Each person gets served a scent, which they are asked to describe by answering a set of questions. Their personal journey of associations with the smell will determine the way in which a small taster out of 3 ingredients is composed. 

Together we speak about differences and similarities of the two, how they are conditioned by past and present experiences and how moods can be created and recalled.
Self initiated project in collaboration with Josefin VargöPresented at Cascina Cuccagna as part of Fika Festival, April 14th-May 3rd during SalonedelMobile Milano 2015.

Photography: Andrea Pariani and Pomme Van Hoof