Pomme van Hoof (1986, NL) runs her design studio in Stockholm, where she combines her interests in working with design, research, curation and education. She works on self-initiated projects, collaborations, and in assignment for companies, institutions and universities.

In her projects and curated programs, Pomme facilitates experiences and interactions that encourage people to reconsider and reimagine themselves and the world around them. She designs moments and settings which people can be a part of, that function as a catalyst for conversation and open up to share different viewpoints and visions. 

Her research often focuses on detecting the emergent, articulating future possibilities by critically engaging with the present. Through interventions and cultural probes she aims to provoke reflection and open up new topics of inquiry. 

Companies she consulted for include the far future research departments Philips Design Probes, Electrolux Vision and Probing, and vHM Designfutures within which she worked with innovation strategies, identifying trends and shaping future scenarios.  

Pomme is also course director for the SSES course in Trendspotting and Future Thinking held annually at Konstfack University. Here she gets the chance to introduce master students from various Stockholm universities to the field of futures. 

She graduated with honors from The Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Experience Design from Konstfack University in Stockholm.


Master of Fine Arts, Experience Design, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, 2011-2013

Bachelor in Design degree (with honour), Well Being Department, Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2004-2009



White Label Program, Entrepreneurial and Interdisciplinary Studies, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), Stockholm, Sweden, 2012-2013

Execution-Running your own Company, SSES, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

Future Thinking and Trendspotting, SSES, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012

Scholarship for part taking in annual 2 week workshop organized by SSES and NID (National Institute of Design), “Trendspotting and the Future of Active Aging” Ahmedabad, India, Jan 2013

Scholarship for part taking in 10 day World Design Summer Camp, “Public Design/Universal Design and Active Ageing” Hong Kong Design Centre, Hong Kong and China, June 2012



Course leader and director for the annual course “Future Thinking and Trendspotting”, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and Konstfack, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden,  2014 – now 

Skills Trainer and Weekend Workshop Facilitator in topics such as Strategic Design, Systems Thinking and Trendspotting and Future Thinking. Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), Stockholm, Sweden, 2013 - now

Lecture ‘"Designing Science Experiences: Edible Facts and Lab Fictions"’ together with Giulia Gaudenzi, for Ph.D students in various fields of science,  SciLife Lab, Uppsala University, Sweden, May 2017

Co-teaching a one week workshops in Design Probes with vHM Design Futures for industrial design students, ZHdK Zurich, Switzerland, January 2017

Co-teaching a series of workshops with vHM Design Futures on future oriented design management, Design Singapore Council, Singapore, 2014 – 2016 

Lecture 'Making Futures' as part of the course 'Acting in an uncertain world', Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, 2016

Short introductory workshops in Future Forecasting and creative problem solving for teachers at Karolinska Institutet, lärardagen Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

Skills Trainer and Weekend Workshop Facilitator in Strategic Design, Systems Thinking and Trendspotting and Future Forecasting. Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), Stockholm, Sweden, 2013 - 2014

1 day workshop in Envisioning Utopia´s,  SSES, Stockholm Sweden, 2013

3 day Workshop in design thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration, International Foundation for Science (IFS) + SSES , Accra, Ghana, 2013


vHM Design Futures

Philips Design Probes

Electrolux Visioning and Probing


Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship


MAO Museum of Architecture and Design

Chalmers University

Karolinska Institutet

Unhinged Science



KIOSK, together with Underverk, showcasing projects by different artists every day of the week, presented at Mosebacke torg during Stockholm Design Week, with kind support from Stockholm Stad, 2016

THINGS WE HAND DOWN, self-initiated, in collaboration with Irma Földényi and OAZA, with kind support from Zagreb City Council and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Detroit Gallery Stockholm, 2015

SOUNDS OF THE UNSEEN, assigned by Karolinska Institutet, co-organised with Unhinged Science and Mother events, an evening linking the worlds of science and sound, ABF-Huset, Stockholm, 2014



Freelance Design Strategist at Ocean Observations, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

Freelance at Electrolux Visioning and probing, far-future research department, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

Freelance at Philips Design Probes, involved in the projects 'Microbial Home' and 'Livable Cities', Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2011

Freelance at Studio Ilse, London, UK, part of the product development team for a collection of homeware products, London, UK, 2008

Intern at Studio Ilse, Involved in interior design projects, London, UK 2008

Intern at Z33, Involved in research, curation, exhibition design and project realisation of the exhibition ‘1% water and our future’, Hasselt, Belgium, 2008



'Talking Taste', KIOSK, Stockholm Design Week, Sweden, 2016

'Natural Selection', Things We Hand Down, Detroit Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 2015

'Talking Taste', Fika Festival, Cascina Cuccagna, SalonedelMobile, Milan, Italy, 2015

'Limb Lab', Aha festival, Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2014

'You are Here', BIO50, MAO, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014

'You are Here', pre-presented by Underverk, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

'Concrete Choreographies' , New Messages From The Netherlands , Korea Foundation, Seoul,  Korea, 2013

'Triggering a Gift Economy', Konstfack Spring Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

'Epigenetic Poetry', Science and Design Dialogues, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012

'Empathy for Objects', Experience Design Lab, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, 2011

'Concrete Choreographies', Cinedans, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010

'Concrete Choreographies', Nederlandse Dansdagen ‘Concrete Choreographies’ film, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2010

'Concrete Choreographies' and 'Bedbak', Graduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2010