2014 / an evening where science meets sound

A special event for Karolinska Institutet, to make science interesting and approachable for a broader audience.

Scientists often work with exploring and understanding that which is too small or even invisible to perceive with the naked eye. Artists and musicians are skilled at translating the intangible or invisible into a memorable human experience. This evening connects both worlds, exploring the unseen through something we all can fully experience; sound.

For the occasion a Sound Lab was created in which 'Sound Lab Sculptors' Thi-Lot and Tona Serenad's Joel Danell and John Henriksson, created a series of short improvised compositions utilizing scientific lab equipment, gadgets, toys, and playing a glorious mix of music and sounds from their personal sound archive. 

Matthijs Munnik performed his Microscopic Opera, an artwork he realized in collaboration with the Netherlands Consortium for Systems Biology. In his performance he gives a stage to the multicellular organism C. elegans, usually found in labs as it is the first creature to have its entire genome sequenced. Via large projections their elegant movements become visible and are translated into singing voices. For Sounds of the Unseen, Matthijs created a performance version of his work which is normally presented as an installation.

The evening ended with a live concert by Invader Ace, who transmit their tuba-techno-radio-pop, via FM senders to a wall of old tubular radios, used as amplification.


Client: Karolinska Institutet
Curation, concept and design: Pomme van Hoof
Co-organizers: Unhinged Science
Promotion and presentation: Gavin Maycroft (Mother EventsArtists: Thi-Lot, Joel Danell, John Henriksson, Matthijs Munnik, Invader Ace
Photography: Michael Haas
Date: 14th March 2014. ABF-Huset Stockholm Sweden