You Are Here – Test Flight at Mariatorget square, Stockholm - Presented by Underverk - Photography: Stephanie Wiegner

You Are Here – Intergalactic Travel Agency
2014 / guided imagination 

How will a space journey look like in our imagination? You Are Here invites the public to get involved in an act of conversation and speculation, imagining a journey to the endless possible worlds of the universe. Through a fictive office offering personal intergalactic travel advice, we can start to humanize space, make sense of its mind-blowing distances, and begin to see ourselves as part of the larger cosmos. You Are Here provides the experience of exploring our cosmic neighbourhood in our minds, allowing us to create our very own imagery of how a journey into space might be like.


The project was developed under the initiative of Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) and the 2014 Biennial of Design (BIO50) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
It was presented as part of the Observing Space Group. 
Fellow exhibitors: Mats Horbach, Rogier Arents, Joseph Popper, Carlos Monleon Gendall, Andrej Strehovec, Daniela de Paulis.

Map designed in collaboration with Ateljé Andrejs Ljunggren & Clara Chague  


You Are Here at Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana - Photography: Ana Kovac, courtesy of MAO


At each session, the travel guide first walks you through the 'foldable map of the universe' to offer perspective on our own position in space and show the likelihood of other worlds that could possibly be out there. After the actual days of travel sessions at Moderna Galerija, a video was used to illustrate this part of the project. Click the image to watch the full video.