2012 / game to introduce a possible future of homecare

A collaboration with home care company Akta Assistans and Access Health International on the challenge of preventing loneliness amongst elderly.

With an ageing population and an ever-increasing lack of budget to spend on care, this project focusses on mapping out and re-thinking the current system. A process of working closely with Akta and shadowing the caregivers, brought insights into the issues they are facing and resulted in various ideas around how we could benefit from alternative economic systems, connect with volunteering services, use technology or how businesses could take greater responsibility.

Detect Connect proposes a new way of working to Akta Assistans which would change the role of the caregiver into a ‘detecting and connecting’ one. Some of the suggestions made could be implemented immediately, while others were more speculative and already anticipating a future situation.

Through a monopoly-like game a possible future of home-care was illustrated, engaging the caregivers to test out a new way of working. The game turned out to be a good tool to make them look differently at their daily routines and challenges, it functioned as an immediate testing ground for ideas, a tool for dialgue in which everyone was equally involved, and a way to have a great time. 


In collaboration with Max Kleijberg and Friðrik Steinn Friðriksson
Client: Akta Assistans, Access Health international
Course: Experience Design Group Konstfack, Transdisciplinary studio – caregiving within healthcare, course leader: Hlin Helga
Date: November-December 2012