2014 / PhD's translated into limb making workshop

How attached are we to our limbs? How could prostheses look like in the future? And what would the philosophy behind constructing ones arm be?

Limb Lab examines the body via speculative storytelling and image creation. The audience is guided through the process of constructing, transforming, manipulating and making ones own arm.

The project was created for the AHA festival, a 3 day Science X Art event, organized by Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. The aim was to translate the subject matter of two PhD projects into a personal experience that could engage a larger audience.


One of the PhD’s was dealing with groundbreaking research in the field of protheses and the other PhD project was a more philosophical work on ways of making architecture. In Limb Lab the 2 PhD’s are combined by using the principles for making architecture an inspiration for constructing ones arm.


In collaboration with Max Kleijberg

Client: Chalmers University Gothenburg
PhD’s: Max Ortiz Catalan, Thierry Berlemont
Date: 23th Oktober 2014. Chalmers University Architecture department, Gothenburg, Sweden

Photography: Milad Abedi and Anna Maria Orru