2016 / curated programme for Stockholm Design Week

Kiosk is a one week programme set up for the Stockholm Design Week 2016, showcasing projects by different artists and designers who work with so called “intangibles”. 

The presented projects initiate a conversation around the role of design. They lift you up from a familiar situation (going to your local kiosk), to one that sparks the imagination of how things could be. They deal with pushing the threshold of everyday habits and alter existing perceptions, stimulate new ideas and get people out of their comfort zones.

A selected group of talented artists and designers each take over the kiosk for one day of the week, transforming it into an installation, a happening, an agency, a ritual, a starting point, a place for trade or whatever they chose it to be. The projects all tell different stories, and play with the perception of our five senses.

Read more about the projects and participating artists here in the kiosk paper. Graphic design by Ateljé Andrejs Ljunggren:


Presented and curated together with Underverk

Participating artists: spatial designer Angela Woda, meal ecologist Ayhan Aydin, Present-Futures (cross-disciplinary platform of Bettina Schwalm and Daniel A. Rossi), experience designers Josefin Vargö and Pomme van Hoof with restaurant Woodstockholm, artists Lundahl & Seitl and choreographer and dancer Tove Skeidsvoll.
Date: 9-14 February 2016

With support from Stockholm Stad

Photos by Lisa Irvall