Concrete choreographies
2009 / paving stones to inspire us to dance in the streets

Concrete Choreographies is a design that aims to bring the fields of dance and architecture closer together. A series of paving stones are created to inspire and invite people to dance. Bumps, ripples and special surfaces, will evoke a range of dance steps, jumps and turns. The different forms and finishings are specifically chosen to facilitate movement; depending on the paving patterns, the stones will give rise to new choreographies. Imagine different compositions being plugged into our city streets and squares, offering pathways for spontaneous dancing.

When we start to approach our built environment itself as a choreographer for out movements, would we develop different ways of building it? This project is a materialisation of the potential for bringing the disciplines of architecture and dance closer together. 

Project for the bachelor of design degree at the Design Academy Einhoven, well being department, The Netherlands 2009